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Join us on a magical adventure!

Greetings from the Rynn's Adventure development team! You have arrived at the Rynn's Adventure press page. Here you will find resources to aid in posting articles or ways to get and keep informed about Rynn's Adventure. If you have any questions or would like anything below provided in a different format, please contact us at and we’ll make sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

Fact Sheet

Arcane Four Studios; Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Release Date:
Steam: March 31, 2016, Wii U: May 26, 2016, Xbox One: June 2016
Targeted Platforms:
Steam (Windows/OS X), Wii U, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS.
Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr
Press Contact:
E for Everyone, Mild Fantasy Violence
USD $9.99

Game Description

The Enchanted Forest and its animal denizens are under siege. The invaders are a marauding army of fierce reptiles whose unopposed ruthlesness will destroy the Forest. Meanwhile, an evil wizard has kidnapped the king and queen and has them imprisoned in his dark castle. The only hope for the forest dwellers is Rynn, a spry young fox who also happens to be their princess. Rynn's mental and physical agility, along with power gained from magical fruit, will allow her to halt the siege and defeat the evil wizard.

Rynn’s Adventure is a challenging 2D platformer game in which the player guides Rynn through a variety of environments teeming with magic and danger. The player will help Rynn combat the many enemies she encounters and outwit each of their fearsome generals. Rynn will eventually face off against the evil wizard himself in order to free her parents and ultimately save the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants.

Choose which level to play in any order. Use Rynn's impressive acrobatic manoeuvers to overcome obstacles and enemies alike. Confront challenging bosses waiting at the end of each level. Unlock fabulous power-ups for each boss defeated.

This is a side scrolling adventure for all ages and audiences.

Our History

Arcane Four Studios is an independent developer of desktop, handheld, and console video games. We are a small team with a big passion for gaming. We are not only game developers, but have also been gamers and friends for over 20 years. Our company was founded in 2004, amidst empty pizza boxes and previously consumed cans of Coca-Cola. We officially incorporated our software company Arcane Four Studios in 2009 with the goal of funding a game development project. Our company is entirely independent and self-funded, leaving us free to follow our own vision.

Our goal is simple; we are committed to creating fun and exciting games that we will enjoy playing ourselves, and sharing that experience with our friends, family, and the world. We are humbled by the idea that some day others may enjoy our creations as much as we do.


Game Trailer:


All screenshots at full resolution as a .zip: Download

Core Team

While we've all played many roles in developing the game, our core areas of focus are listed below:

  • Shawn Tibbetts - Game Design
  • Mike Stacey - Art
  • Jonathan Hacker - Programming