Arcane Four Software is a full-service software development services company. We use our diverse set of experience and expertise to build software regardless of size, shape or situation. We specialize in bringing ideas and visions to life, whether they be embedded devices in consumer electronics, concept vehicles for the automotive industry, interactive mobile applications, or video games.


Embedded Systems

QNX, Linux, FreeRTOS, uCOS, MQX, Freescale i.MX, TI Jacinto/Sitara, Atmel SAMA, SiLabs EFM32, etc.

Application Development

C, C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Lua, Python, Rust, Erlang, others.

Database and Data Management

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, others.

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BSP Development

Drivers, Bootloaders, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, SPI, I2C, Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWRT.

Embedded System Optimization

OS, CPU, GPU, SIMD acceleration (NEON, SSE/AVX, ARMv8 extensions).

Embedded HMI Middleware

Crank Storyboard, Qt, OpenGL ES, custom.

Embedded System Integration

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Host-Side Programming

.NET, MFC, Windows API, Cocoa.

Server-Side Programming

.NET, Node.js, Laravel, J2EE, Grails, libuv, MQs.

System-Level Programming

QNX, Linux, POSIX, Windows.

Web Front-End Technologies

Angular, Vue, React, PWAs, Grafana, and many more.

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Graphics Rendering Frameworks

OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, Cairo, Pixman, EGL, QNX Screen, Photon

Game/Interactive Middleware

Unreal Engine, Unity,, PlayCanvas and custom.

GPU/Visual Programming

GLSL, HLSL, Cg, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenCV, Metal.

Mobile Applications

Android and iOS.


IoT, Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Azure, Active Directory, Asterisk, FreePBX, SSO, Broadcom.


TCP, UDP, IP, HTTP-related protocols, MQTT, LDAP, SNMP, SIP, RTP, RADIUS, routing protocols, discovery protocols (Multicast DNS and others).

Developer and Build Systems

Git, make, CMake, Continuous Integration, NPM, Docker.

UX Design & CSS Frameworks

Storyboard, SCSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Materialize

What We've Done

Crank Software

Crank Software, a company that develops high-performance embedded UI middleware, wanted to provide native 3D rendering and 3D animation capabilities to the Storyboard Runtime Engine. Arcane Four used our expertise with 3D rendering pipelines, scene management and mobile and desktop OpenGL to implement support for 3D model animation and dynamic materials.


Amazon Web Services, BlackBerry QNX and Karma Automotive wanted to create an impressive proof of concept to showcase various emerging technologies and software platforms that the companies are developing. Arcane Four worked with Lixar’s Data Science and Cloud Infrastructure team to implement an impressive IoT-enabled embedded system in a Karma Revero GT, integrating numerous AWS and QNX technologies together under very tight timelines.

Mimetics Canada

Mimetics wanted a cross-platform application to help students learn programming by writing code to control the Jade Robot, a sophisticated robot with an embedded programming language. Arcane Four used our expertise with USB, Bluetooth, low-level programming languages and JavaScript to create Jade Support, a web-based application.

Red Giant

Red Giant, an award-winning developer of motion graphics and VFX tools, wanted to update various mature tools in Trapcode Suite to leverage GPU hardware prevalent in today’s desktop computers. Arcane Four used our extensive OpenGL and GPU programming expertise to implement a GPU accelerated rendering pipeline for these tools resulting in impressive performance gains.

Sciemetric Instruments

Sciemetric Instruments, a company that develops hardware and software for optimizing quality and performance of manufacturing systems, wanted to add a scripting language runtime to their embedded Industrial Monitoring platform. Arcane Four used our expertise with QNX and Lua Programming Language to design and implement this runtime and worked with Sciemetric’s engineering team to integrate the runtime into their product.


Xperi wanted to create an impressive in-car demonstration of various technologies in their portfolio. Arcane Four used our expertise with QNX, IoT and Android Auto to work with Xperi and Studio 63 in integrating Xperi automotive technologies into a Karma Revero for the 2019 New York Auto Show and a Karma Revero GT for CES 2020.

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