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Arcane Four is a small company with big ambitions, we provide contract software development services to other companies to help them realize their visions and deliver high quality products. This, in turn, allows us to invest in our own product development, namely Video Games. If you are the type of developer that enjoys exploring new technologies and working on cool new projects then we are the place you want to work, and as a side benefit you get to develop and play games on top of that! So roll a d20, add your persuasion modifier and come start the next chapter in your career, we promise it will be exciting.

Embedded C/C++ Developer

Nov 27 2019


  • Develop and troubelshoot applications in an embedded environment (FreeRTOS, Linux, QNX, Bare Metal)
  • Experience working with compiled languages like C and C++
  • Familiarity with Cross-compilers
  • Comfortable working with scripting languages like Lua and Javascript
  • Familiarity with IPC/M2M technologies like MQTT
  • Experience with TCP/IP networking


  • Experience with UI/UX design and web development
  • Working with Database backends (MySQL,SQLite, etc)
  • Game development experience (mobile, console, PC)

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