Corporate Partnership

September 1 2020

Arcane Four Software, Convergence Engineering, and Studio63 are proud to announce their corporate partnership creating a "one-stop-shop" for complete design engineering services. Each of these three established companies possess core strengths in their respective disciplines creating an unstoppable team.

Some recent designs by the trio include; Automotive concepts for companies such as Xperi, Lixar, Karma, BlackBerry, AWS and APMA, showcased at AWS re:Invent 2019 and CES 2020; During the COVID-19 shutdown, they successfully designed/manufactured “ruggedized demo video capture” solutions for Pleora Technologies, and have executed major aerospace programs with Satcom Direct. Over the years they have also been responsible for designing award-winning high fidelity loudspeakers for Definitive Technology and GoldenEar Technology (now owned by AudioQuest). Their leadership and cross-disciplinary skills allow for a pragmatic approach to lean design through quality processes.

Arcane Four Software

Arcane Four Software is a full-service software development company. We use our diverse set of experience and expertise to build software regardless of size, shape or situation. We specialize in bringing ideas and visions to life, whether they be embedded devices in consumer electronics, concept vehicles for the automotive industry, interactive mobile applications, or video games.

Convergence Engineering

Convergence Engineering (previously Blue Systems) has a long history of product design for high-fidelity audio, telecom, IoT, and avionic systems. Our experienced mechanical, hardware, acoustic, and project engineers work closely with you to ensure your design exceeds your expectations. Our team utilizes the latest tools along with our complete lab facilities including a full-size anechoic chamber. We work closely with test laboratories for full-cycle certifications (UL/CSA, CE, FCC/IC, Google, DO-160G, etc) and help manage the complete production process.

Studio 63

Studio 63 is an Ottawa based design agency with a full-stack complement of expertise, knowledge, and skill set to bring products and services to any and every industry. Studio 63 is considered to be Canada’s top design studio for designing & integrating future technologies into vehicles. For many years Studio 63 has had the pleasure of working with several cutting edge companies with the dream of creating the next important automotive technologies of the future.

"Working with Arcane Four and Studio 63 has been a complete validation of what teamwork can achieve. Having led multi-million dollar design projects at Fortune 500 companies, I can clearly see the benefit of these smaller, grade "A" design teams being 10x more efficient"

- Ben Seaman, President of Convergence Engineering

“The expertise brought to the table by Convergence and Studio 63 allows us to go well beyond the traditional limits of the software realm to create a truly compelling and delightful customer experience. Working with these partners has enabled us to rapidly build out world class designs at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional engineering and design firms.”

- Jonathan Hacker, CTO of Arcane Four Software

“Designing products that look, function and feel like they should is our passion. This team allows us at Studio 63 to bring our products to life and get them to market faster. The more you work with the same team, the better the results over and over again.”

- Miles Hammond, President Studio 63 Inc.